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TEMP-COAT AABS is a general purpose insulation which comes in liquid form specifically formulated for the marine industry.

TEMP-COAT AABS liquid ceramic insulation is a thin film that performs extremely well on shell plating, stiffeners, super structures, bulkheads, piping, tanks, air and heat duct work, exposed water pipes, oxygen lines, steam lines, chilled water lines, vehicle/transportation and many other uses.

TEMP-COAT provides an inexpensive alternative to the high cost and heavy weight of other bulky insulations. As a free layer coating system it physically adhere to the surface that it is insulating which significantly reduces corrosion under insulation and rust formations found under conventional insulations.

TEMP-COAT AABS is a complete mixture of various hollow silica and ceramic beads immersed in a high quality latex base with acrylic binders. This combination of materials makes the product extremely weight and pliable, therefore it contracts and expands with the surface to which it is applied. TEMP-COAT AABS can generally be tinted to any medium or pastel color.

Oct 13th 2010

To cure a condensation problem to the internal ceiling section in the amenities area of B166.

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